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Vice-Chancellor of the University


Prof. Shri Prakash Mani Tripathi

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

Contact No. : 07629-269710
Fax No. :07629-269712
eMail : vc@igntu.ac.in, vcigntu@gmail.com

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त्वदीय पाद पंकजम नमामि देवी नर्मदे !

The University is known as highest seat of learning. Indira Gandhi National Tribal University is fast marching ahead to fulfill its objectives and mission. Located in a tribal belt, this University is poised for meeting the expectations of the society in general and tribal population in particular. It is preparing students for leadership in a multicultural world enriching through teaching, research, creative and outreach activities so as to meet the aspiration of the nation. Its main focus is on the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage and tradition of the tribal people and at the same time it thrives for the improvement of their socio-economic conditions.

Punya Teerth (Sacred Pilgrimage) Amarkantak is known for the origin of holy rivers viz; Narmada, Sone, Johila and Arandi. Adjoining area of the University is densely forested and sparsely populated. Surrounded by Amarkantak hills, the University has fascinating view. The campus is adorned with a 'happy and congenial environment' and it provides the energetic and pollution free academic atmosphere to the students as well as faculty members from across the country, with diverse culture, promoting mutual understanding and unity. We at IGNTU work in healthy atmosphere of cooperation and coordination which provides impetus to students, teachers, the non-teaching staff, alumni as well as resident-community to play a very meaningful role in nation building.

The University has in total 13 Faculties, namely - Commerce and Management, Computer Science, Education, Earth Science, Humanities and Languages, Journalism and Mass Communication,, Pharmacy, Preparatory Studies, Science, Social Sciences, Technical, Vocational Education and Skill Training, Tribal Studies and Yoga. For furtherance of knowledge and sustainable development of the society, the University has decided to introduce some other very valuable and employment oriented programmelike Law, Medical Science, Ayurvedic Science, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Vedic Science, Sanskrit, Strategic Studies and Nursing. These are expected to commence from the ensuing academic year.

The courses being offered range from Graduation to Doctoral level including Certificate and Diploma Courses. Apart from providing avenues for higher education and research, the University is facilitating the children at local community with kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher secondary education. The laboratories and Central Library are of International standards. Besides, it has Regional Campus in Imphal, Manipur with teaching and research facility in five disciplines - Political Science and Human Rights, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Social Work, Computer Science and Tribal Studies. The quality of its physical facilities and grounds are consistent with the world class status. The University is trying to ensure jobs through on-campus and off-campus placements through the Academia-Industry Interface. I am delighted to appreciate the headway and achievement attained so far by all the Departments under different Faculties.

This University is a marvelous center of harmony, unity, cultural synthesis and cherished human values. It is unique in its own way of getting connected with societies and the rest of the World through its extraordinary innovations. It has academic collaboration with Overseas Universities, Indian Universities and National Institutions. The University is likely to be positioned globally very soon with its core strength i.e. research on tribal culture and heritage, herbal plants, traditional knowledge of medicine and latest developments in science and technology keeping always in mind the human need, values and welfare. Hard work with commitment and creative mind with positive thinking will make this University an ideal institution of higher learning in coming days.

Our commitment is towards the intellectual, personal and professional growth of the students, faculty and staff. The University is dedicated to excellence in teaching and scholarship, research, cultural enrichment and service. The students have also the opportunity to learn in the campus through the innovative use of technology.

The University is known for the source of knowledge based development. With firm determination, dedication and devotion, I wish to make it the 'Centre of Excellence' in every field of knowledge by ensuring ideal condition of teaching, research and co-curricular activities so that the best can be produced for the transformation of the society, rapid development of the nation, and service to the mankind.

(Prof. Shri Prakash Mani Tripathi)