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Department of Education

About Department :

Name of Faculty : Education

Name of Department : Education

Year of Establishment : 2013

Programs to be offered:

Name of Course Intake
B.Ed. 50
M.A. in Education
Ph.D. in Education

Students List

List of B.Ed. Students for the Session 2019-21 and session 2020-2022

Faculty Members of Department of Education

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Prof. M.T.V. Nagaraju

Professor and Head
Qualification :  M.A. (Phi.), M. Sc. [Phy.], M.Ed, Ph.D. [Edn.], Dip. in Yoga
Area of Specialization :  Science Education,Teacher Education, ICT in Education Open & Distance Education, Inclusive Education,Yoga Education, and Research Methodology and Edu. Statistics
Contact No. : 09440699871
eMail : mtv.nagaraju@igntu.ac.in

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Prof.Gyanendra Kumar Rout

Qualification :  M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D[Edu].,M. A [History] UGC-NET.
Area of Specialization :  Philosophical and Sociological foundation of Education, Teacher Education. Educational Technology
Contact No. : 9412581873
eMail : gyanendra.rout@igntu.ac.in

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Prof. Shamim Ahmad

Qualification :  M.A. [Pol.Sc], M.Ed [Gold Medalist],PGDDE, UGC-NET, Ph.D. [Edn.]
Area of Specialization :  Educational Technology, Open, Distance and Flexible Learning, Pedagogy of Social Science
Contact No. : 9490080093
eMail : shamim.ahmad@igntu.ac.in

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Prof. Dinesh Kumar

Qualification :  M.A. M.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. NET in Education, M.A. (Political, Sociology)
Area of Specialization :  Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Sociological & Research Methodology in Education.
Contact No. : 9837875234
eMail : dinesh.kumar@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Samson R Victor

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.sc.[Chem.]., M.Ed., M. Phil [Edn]., UGC-NET., PGDE., PGDHE., Ph.D [Edu.]
Area of Specialization :  Educational. Technology, Educational Psychology, Research Methodology, Teachers Education and Pedagogy of Chemistry
Contact No. : 9916600463
eMail : samson.victor@igntu.ac.in

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Dr.Shikha Banerjee

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.Sc.[Env.Bio.], M.Ed., UGC-NET, Ph.D. [Edu]
Area of Specialization :  Pedagogy of Bio Science, Edu. Psychology Research Methodology, Environmental Education
Contact No. : 9893224881
eMail : shikha.banerjee@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Ramesh M

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.Sc., M.Ed., PGDCA, UGC-NET, Ph. D. [Edn.]
Area of Specialization :  Science Education, Teacher Education, Inclusive Education, Research Methodology
Contact No. : 08093752650
eMail : ramesh.m@igntu.ac.in

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Maria Josephine Arokia Marie. S

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.Sc., M.Phil. [Chem], M.Ed., UGC–SRF [Edu], [Ph. D]
Area of Specialization :  Science Education, Educational Technology[ET], Blended Learning, Teacher Education and Research Methodology.
Contact No. : 9787104827
eMail : maria.arokia@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Arun Kumar

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M. A [History, Hindi], M.Ed., UGC-NET, Ph.D [Edu.]
Area of Specialization :  Edu. Philosophy, Pedagogy of Hindi and Social Science,
Contact No. : 9968025483
eMail : arun.kumar@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. R. Hari Haran

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.sc.,[Marine Biology].,M.Phil [Bio-Tech.],M.Ed., M.Phil.,UGC-NET, Ph.D [Edu.]
Area of Specialization :  Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology and Environmental Education,
Contact No. : 09865404850
eMail : rhari.haran@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Dileep Kumar Chaudhary

Assistant Professor (Physical Education)
Qualification :  Bachelor in Science (Botany & Zoology), Bachelor in Physical Education, Master of Physical Education, Doctor of Philosophy (Physical Education), UGC NET, JRF, Diploma in Sports Coaching Athletics (NIS), Diploma in Yoga (BHU)
Area of Specialization :  Exercise Physiology, Athletics &Yoga.
Contact No. : 9621961011
eMail : dileep.chaudhary@igntu.ac.in (o), dileep.chaudhary1@gmail.com (p)

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Dr. Sapana

Assistant Professor (Fine Arts)
Qualification :  Ph.D., MFA
Area of Specialization :  Fine Arts
Contact No. : +919415817784
eMail : sapna@igntu.ac.in

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Dr. Abhishek Tripathi

Assistant Professor (Performing Arts)
Qualification :  M.A. Dramatics & Film Studies (Performing Arts), NET+JRF, Ph. D. (Performing Arts)
Area of Specialization :  Dramatics, Theatre (Acting, Drama Writing & Direction), Film Making (Writing & Direction), Theatre in Education, Theatre activities
Contact No. : +91 8830690296
eMail : abhishek.tripathi@igntu.ac.in, abhi363tripathi@gmail.com

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Dr. Raj Kumar

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  MA -English, History, Hindi B.Ed,M.Ed, NET ( Education), Ph :D (Education)
Area of Specialization :  Teaching of English
Contact No. : +91 9506580114
eMail : rajkumar@igntu.ac.in, dr.rajkumar1210@gmail.com

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Dr. Virendra Kumar

Assistant Professor
Qualification :  M.Ed., M.A.(Psychology), M.A.(History), Diploma- Guidance and Counseling, Ph.D. (Education), UGC NET - Education
Area of Specialization :  Educational Psychology, Educational Research, Teacher Education
Contact No. : +91 9403768037
eMail : virendra@igntu.ac.in, airvirendra@gmail.com

Dr. Anand Barapatre

Senior Technical Assistant
Qualification :  PhD & M.Sc. Biotechnology
Contact No. : 9752460361
eMail : anand.barapatre@igntu.ac.in

Dr. K.K. Singh

Qualification :  Ph.D. (Lib. Sci.) & MLISc.
Contact No. : 9425183715
eMail : kksingh@igntu.ac.in