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Vice-Chancellor of the University


Prof. T. V. Kattimani

Contact No. : 07629-269710
Fax No. :07629-269712
eMail : vc@igntu.ac.in, tvkattimani@gmail.com, vcigntu@gmail.com

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Congratulation Message for final Placement of MBA (TA) students

Greetings from Amarkantak- known for the origin of three holy rivers- the Narmada, the Sone& the Johila, typical herbal medicinal plants and practices, rich tribal culture & heritage, salubrious climate and predominantly peace-loving tribal people. New Years’ Greetings and Wishes to my dearest colleagues, scholars, students and others. Let this New Year-2015 bring happiness, prosperity and peace to you and your family- that is my pray to Almighty. I am delighted to be an integral part of this University as the Vice-Chancellor to serve you as its Chief Servitor. All of you have overwhelmingly and passionately supported me in all endeavours- mass plantation, clean campus (Swatch Bharat) and community extension programmes.
    All these flagship activities are near to my heart influencing my mind to think differently for this University. This University is blessed with all potential attributes to become a University Potential for Excellence through its consistent quality in teaching, research, governance and community contact progrmames. Our University has matched many steps ahead as compared to its contemporary central universities in academic collaboration with overseas universities, Indian universities and national institutions. Our University has adopted nearby tribal villages to study their socio-economic, cultural and ecological issues plaguing their progresses and acted a responsible partner and well-wisher of those villages as a part of Social Responsibility. Our university will play a lead role in projecting gifted great heritage of Amarkantak for which heritage walk will be conducted to showcase hidden treasures such as ayursala, herbal gardens, shrines, scenic and tribal culture.
    Many ticklish questions tickle my mind and do not allow me to sleep. Can we position this University globally with our core strength i.e. research on tribal culture and heritage? I firmly believe in our own strength and vision to realize the dream of empowering tribal students through quality training for enhancement of employable knowledge and skills. It is true that days are not far to achieve.
    We are lucky to have patronization of the Central Government to make our impossible dreams possible through our love, respect and loyalty to this mother institution. Your hard work with commitment, creative mind with fire and thinking with dreams can only make difference to this University.
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